ZTE MF180 Data Stick - 3.6Mbps USB ZTE Modem Review

ZTE MF180 data stick is a multi-mode USB modem, working in HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM networks. With USB interface connecting to a laptop or a desktop PC, it integrates the functionality of a modem and a mobile phone(SMS), and combines mobile communication with internet perfectly. It supports data and SMS services through the mobile phone network, enabling you to communicate anytime and anywhere.

This MF180 USB data modem provides 3.6Mbps download speeds in a compact and powerful form. Suitable for MAC and PC.

ZTE MF180 Main features:

• This HSPA device is peak rated at 3.6Mbps downlink speed;

• True wireless access to e-mail and the internet on the move;

• Plugs straight into your USB port for a Plug and Play installation for Windows and MAC Operating Systems;

• Small, lightweight design;

• Dual Band 850, 2100MHz UMTS;

• Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE for true world wide roaming and global connectivity;

• LED status indicators;

• Supports up to 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card.

ZTE MF180 Overview:


This MF180 data stick is a 3.6Mbps ZTE modem, now it sold at $62 on the market, a good one for businessmen and SOHO.


7.2Mbps 3G WCDMA Wireless Modem Shopping Guide

3G is increasingly well known in these recent years. In the 3G market, there are three kinds: CDMA2000, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA,they have different features and functions. WCDMA, the stability of its speed and performance are welcome, from which extends a variety of 3G network products, wireless network card is one, it can be allowing users to enjoy smooth network in any 3G network coverage place. Today we'll introduce one WCDMA wireless network card, they are inexpensive, performance, quality products.

Recommended products: Huawei E1750

Reference price: 78USD

Huawei E1750 is a 7.2Mbps 3G WCDMA Wireless Modem, recognized by consumers and gain wide fame in the market by virtue of its high enough to be proud of the performance rate and quality. Huawei E1750 looks simple and elegant, there is a capable of beauty. Dazzle black body adopted grind arenaceous processing, not only looks beautiful, but also gives a good touch. The whole product looks lively and stylish, card slot designed behind the back cover is very convenient to use.

E1750 has strong performance, and has a "speed king"reputation, supports the highest downlink speed HSDPA 7.2Mbps, the maximum upstream rate of 5.7Mbps, it is a excellent one in the high-speed 3G data card series, allowing users to experience the most effective 3G Network speed. Huawei E1750 has dual-core design, and can support both WCDMA and EDGE networks. Therefore, as long as there is any kind of HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS or GSM coverage place, users can have no bound tour online world. Huawei E1750 also offers Micro SD card slot, not only supports SD card expansion, and can act as a thumb drive, this is a big convenience for our daily use.


Huawei E182E - Let You Enjoy High Speed Internet Surfing

Huawei E182E - Huawei's first HSPA+ modem was released in 4Q 2009. Leveraging the most advanced HSPA+ technology, the E182E supports a downlink rate of up to 21.6 Mbps and an uplink rate of up to 5.76 Mbps providing consumers with faster and more reliable mobile broadband.

Huawei E182E

Huawei has taken the wrapper off the E182E USB dongle with a slide-out USB connector and support for wild data speeds. The E182E also offers read and write support for microSD cards so if we include such a card in it so we can use as a portable memory for our data comfortably .

"With fixed line broadband still a growing industry in the region, HSPA and mobile broadband will continue to offer consumers in the Middle East an alternative access to fast internet. The E182E innovation can meet the increasing demands for faster mobile Internet speeds and allow consumers to easily carry their broadband around in their pocket," said Ihab Ghattas Assistant President, Middle East Region, Huawei Technologies.

With its pocketable, Huawei E182E can let users enjoy high speed internet surfing anyhere, anytime.


ZTE MF30 Wi-Fi Router - The Best Partner for 3G Mobile Internet

In most developed countries, mobile communications are becoming more and more popular.

Therefore improve network efficiency is a eager problem. For this reason, ZTE has recommended innovative uFi Mobile Hotspot product solutions. uFi is represented by the MF30 wireless mobile router.

zte mf30
ZTE MF30 Wi-Fi Router

With the debut of iPad in April 2010, tablet PCs are set to take the world by storm. It is natural that Wi-Fi devices access the Internet over 3G networks using the Wi-Fi + 3G model. It has four major advantages that marked MF30 as the best partner for 3G mobile network.

1. Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity

The MF30 offers wireless Wi-Fi connectivity. There is no need to plug or unplug into any laptop, and it is portable. Compared with the traditional data card, it revolutionizes the way people access the Internet.

2. MF30 can cover a 50 meter radius

Poor indoor signal has long been a problem. The light and compact MF30 mobile wireless router perfectly solves this problem. An MF30 can cover a 50 meter radius. It can be placed where the signal is strongest, and then a device can go online anywhere in the room.

3. Supports a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices

The MF30 also supports a variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices, including PSPs, digital cameras, laptops, and MP4s. As long as devices are Wi-Fi enabled, they can access the Internet via MF30. Under normal circumstances, every electronic product is not equipped with a USIM card. So MF30 virtually extends online time. By allowing multiple devices to share a network connection using a single USIM card, only one bill needs to be issued.
4. Allows for simultaneous connection of 5 devices

The MF30 allows for simultaneous connection of 5 devices, which is suitable for providing temporary Internet access to a small team. If shared Internet access is necessary for a meeting, or the cost of fixed broadband is high, MF30 provides fast, convenient service.

Of course, MF30 not only has these four advantages, it also has other highlights such as supports Micro SD card up to 32G; small, lighweight design and so on. Select ZTE MF30 will also become a wise choice for mobile internet users.


Best 10 Android Smartphones On February

If you want to buy a android smartphone and don’t know which one is the best, the below best 10 smartphones on Ferbruary list is a good reference for you.

Huawei U8150

1. Huawei IDEOS U8150

Huawei U8150 is one of the most cost-effective Smartphones currently. The main feature of this machine is that it is equipped with a Android2.2 system, and a variety of functions are also quite complete.

Although Huawei IDEOS has no luxury features configuration, its lively appearance design and brushed metal keypad is still impressive, especially it can support a variety of body colors to replace the rear cover, this is is likely to win the youth groups.

Its features such as GPS navigation, Google Maps, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and Bluetooth technology, memory card expansion Can fully satisfy user's daily needs. Huawei IDEOS not only equipped with a Android2.2 system, this can bring more fluid control speed and better user experience, but also it used a processor clocked at 528MHz and the Combination of 512 ROM +256 RAM memory, this ensures the smooth operation of the phone,additions, its support for WCDMA / HSDPA networks, WiFi hotspots, FM radio and other features contribute to more graces for this smartphone.


2. Samsung Galaxy S(GT-i9000)

The machine is not only equipped with a 4.0 inches WVGA resolution touch screen, but also used the Super AMOLED screen which is also developed by Samsung, it also has a very high display even under direct sunlight. In order to obtain smoother speed of control, it built a 1GHz processor, and in addition to built-in 500 million pixel camera with auto focus and 720P HD recording, the machine also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a compatible DivX HD / XviD, VC-1 format video playback, but also it equipped with mDNIe technology, combined with high-resolution Super AMOLED screen, so you access to top-level image quality either play HD video or view photos.

3. BlackBerry Torch 9800


4. HTC Desire


5. MOTO Milestone 2


6. HTC Desire Z


7.MOTO Defy


8. Palm Pre 2


9. HTC Desire HD


10. HTC 7 Pro


Popular Huawei E583C

Huawei anounced its latest mobile router few months ago. this model belongs to the unique e5 series wireless product: E583C. It is reported that the E583C is one section uses the battery power supply the ultra portable 3G wireless router, it has used the be ultra-thin fuselage design, simultaneously the exquisite fuselage may also put in pocket body carrying conveniently. Outward appearance aspect was E583C has used the streamline form modelling design, seemed quite startled colorful. Be ultra-thin Huawei 3G the pocket wireless route E583C function aspect, the new E583C wireless router may support shares 3.5G the HSPA network connections, sharing is realizes through the WiFi form, single may support at the same time most 5 model of equipment the wireless surfer, one is realizes through the USB connection, simultaneously it is huawei  E583C may also read the card as the microSDHC card to use. Looked from the technical stratification plane that is is E583C and this company existing MiFi E585 is quite similar, but MiFi E585 temporarily only in British market going on the market, therefore E583c as the 3G wireless route's appearance is quite meaningful. The new E583C and MiFi E585 is the same, has similarly also provided a 1 inch OLED display monitor. We might not despise this small display monitor, it might demonstrate that the router the current active status, besides demonstrated the network state it also to be possible the display signal intensity and the battery surplus level, after therefore had it, even if the new military recruits user might also conveniently and carries on the management intuitively. The speed aspect, also this E583C the 3G wireless router may support 5.76Mbps the upload speed and the 7.2Mbps downloading speed.   In Hong Kong market, E583C the 3G wireless router selling price probably about 178 US dollars, at present temporarily not clear this model of equipment whether outside Hong Kong's market going on the market, therefore the going on the market date without knowing where to begin will know naturally also.


Popular Wi-Fi Router 2010 E583c and MF30

What is the most popular wi-fi 3g routes this year? The answer is the huawei e583c and zte mf30 router.
The manufature Huawei started to open its own brand in Hongkong and the E583C is their latest series. People can use the cell phone at the time they buy it, with no SIM lock.
Huawei has unboxed a new product named Huawei E583C mobile which launched Aug this year in HongKong. Huawei E583C mobile has a lot of magnificent features including 1 inches of color OLED display, Wi-Fi connectivity, micro SD card slot and 3.5G HSPA connection. This latest Huawei E583C mobile phone also supports Windows, Mac and Linux.
E583C Spec:
• HSPA/UMTS (2100/1900/900 MHz)
• EDGE/GPRS/GSM (1900/1800/900/850 MHz)
• HSUPA (UL) data service of up to 5.76 Mbps
• HSDPA (DL) data service of up to 7.2 Mbps
• Plug and play (PnP)
• Internal memory: 128MB Flash, 64MB Memory
• Power supply: AC: 100V~240V; DC: 5V, 1A
• Battery : Type: Li (Rechargeable); Capacity: 3.7V, 1400mAh; Maximum working time: 3.5 hours; Maximum standby time: 100 hours
• LED: OLED screen
• key-press: power switch, WPS switch
• Weight: about 90g (including the battery)
• USB Extension Cable, easy to connect
• Standard mini USB interface
• Built-in WCDMA and WLAN high gain antenna
• External main diversity antenna interface
• Micro Secure Digital Memory (Micro SD) Card
• Dimensions (D × W × H): 96.0mm×57.0mm×11.5mm
• Support Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ MAC operating system (OS) 10.4 and above
Compared to the hot sale Huawei E583c, ZTE also launched simalar widget.
MF30 is a “pebble” with smooth lines that can be used as an access point (AP). It provides Wi-Fi signals so that surrounding laptops can connect to the Internet. Normally, wireless routers require broadband connection and supporting power; but the MF30 can access the Internet via a 3G network and does not always need a power source. The four indicator lights in the front display the power meter, network signal, output transmission, and Wi-Fi signal. Even without instructions, I can use it to connect my Macbook Pro to the network.
:WCDMA/HSDPA (2100/1900/850/900)MHz
• GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
• 5.76Mbit/s HSUPA, 7.2Mbit/s HSDPA
• Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11b/g
• Internal Antenna
• indication LED (battery, signal, WIFI, network)
• Micro SD card up to 32G
• Dimensions: 98.5mm*54mm*13.9mm
• Weight: 80g
• Compatible OS: Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS , Linux.